We are committed to providing relevant information and services to everyone. This means that no matter where you are located, how you use the internet and what impairments you may have, you should still be able to access the information you need. With this in mind we have been very careful to make this website as "accessible" as we can. There are a number of facilities that we have built into the site to make this possible and this page explains what they are. Access keys, screen readers, changing text size, font colour, text only version.

Screen Readers

Below is a list of free screen readers that can be downloaded and installed on your machine. Once installed these tools will read out the content of the web page to you. Download Browsealoud (new window) Download PWwebspeak (new window)

Features of the HTML Code Used to Make up the Pages

We have laid out all of the elements on the page in a logical order and all links make sense when read out of context. We've used heading styles on all pages to break them up into hierarchical structures.

Changing Font Size

We have coded our pages so that it should be possible for you to easily increase or decrease the size of the site's text using your browser's built in controls.

Browser Support

This site is supported on Internet Explorer 7 upwards. If you are using an earlier version than IE7 please upgrade to the latest version in order to fully utilise this website.