West Thames College

West Thames College

LUC designed and implemented a new campus masterplan for West Thames College’s Isleworth site, in close collaboration with MacKenzie Wheeler Architects. The redevelopment involved completely reorganising the site to deliver a coherent relationship between old and new buildings.

The Grade II listed Spring Grove House sits at the core of the site and was surrounded by dilapidated 1960’s concrete buildings that were no longer fit for purpose. The concrete blocks were demolished, which provided the opportunity to rethink the open spaces, views and circulation across the site - transforming the landscape into a high quality campus fit for a modern college.

Our new masterplan reduced the overall building footprint, allowing previously obscured views of the listed building and providing additional external spaces and new sports facilities. We also incorporated historically important trees into the new layout, taking great care to ensure they become a feature of the new campus.

The result is a series of uncluttered spaces enclosed by buildings that offer clear articulation of the function of a college, i.e. space for students and staff to gather in groups and easily move between buildings. The landscape is made up of a simple palette of materials, given tight budget constraints, which feels light and airy and provides a coherency lacking in the previous campus.

It was highly rewarding to influence the masterplan from an early stage, thus allowing spatial planning from a landscape perspective which has proved highly effective.


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