Parks and Open Spaces

Parks and Open Spaces

Increasing population density places ever-greater competing demands on our parks and open spaces. We specialise in designing beautiful, practical, lasting places that support and encourage multiple functions and activities.

Our designs give great attention to biodiversity and the needs of our wildlife. Well-functioning parks engender pride, identity, legibility, community and well-being. They do this most successfully through the close involvement of community members, and we enjoy the in-depth public consultations that form a crucial part of our design process.

We design both within existing parks and open spaces as well as create brand new ones, often reclaiming contaminated or ex-industrial land. Competition-winning LUC designs for new parks include North Park (Olympic Legacy Company), Heartlands in Cornwall and Central Park, Shanghai. Award-winning park restorations include Valentines’ Park, Redbridge, Priory Park, Reigate and Russell Square, London.


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