Landscape Planning

Landscape Planning

Proactive landscape planning enables an integrated approach to managing, protecting and working within our rural landscapes, townscapes and seascapes. The landscape has evolved and continues to change, and planning for this is an essential part of a sustainable future.

  • Landscape and seascape character assessment
  • Townscape character assessment and urban planning
  • Implementation of the European Landscape Convention (ELC)
  • Landscape and visual impact assessment for all development types
  • Green infrastructure, open space, recreation and access planning
  • Landscape strategies and design guides
  • Landscape sensitivity studies
  • Designation review and management of protected landscapes
  • Research/methodology development and training
  • Consultation events and facilitation
  • Photomontage production and visibility modelling
  • Expert witness services for all landscape and visual issues

Our work continues through to completion of projects on the ground, assisting clients with discharging planning conditions, and ensuring compliance with environmental requirements, including landscape design and management during implementation. Using geographic information systems (GIS), we create databases to record and interpret information, presenting findings visually as maps and diagrams. Three dimensional modelling, and photomontages help clients visualise future landscapes, and understand the extent of theoretical visibility of new features. Flyover landscape visualizations using Google Earth aid understanding of alternative landscape change scenarios and the location and type of landscape proposals across the landscape — these 3D visualizations (allowing zooming in and out of the landscape) can bring landscape proposals alive to the non landscape specialist, such as in workshops and presentations.

Case Studies

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