SA (Sustainability Appraisal)/SEA (Strategic Environmental Assessment)

SA (Sustainability Appraisal)/SEA (Strategic Environmental Assessment)

Our environmental planning team has a long track record of undertaking SA (Sustainability Appraisal) and SEA (Strategic Environmental Assessment). LUC planners take an innovative approach to SA/SEA ensuring that whilst legislative requirements are met, the process does not become a ‘box-ticking’ exercise. Instead, we seek to work closely with the plan-making team to ensure that the SA/SEA significantly improves the contribution the plan makes to sustainable development.

We assisted the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister (forerunner to CLG) in preparing national guidance on SA/SEA of Regional Spatial Strategies and Local Development Frameworks and have undertaken SA/SEA of policies and plans at all levels, national, regional and local.

We also provide a highly successful ‘critical friend’ service to support plan-making authorities that undertake SA/SEA in-house to ensure compliance with the SEA Directive and SA Guidance.


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