City of Doncaster Council adopts LUC’s Play Parks Infrastructure Policy

City of Doncaster Council has officially adopted LUC's Play Parks Infrastructure Policy as part of the Get Doncaster Moving initiative.

This commission follows prior collaboration between LUC and the local authority on the 'Doncaster Future Parks Strategy'. The strategy helped the council to secure £3.1 million in investment from Sport England for parks and open spaces.  

The newly adopted policy outlines a progressive vision for play in Doncaster, focusing on the need for challenging and engaging play opportunities for diverse age groups and abilities.

The policy includes principles required for creating and improving play facilities and addresses design standards, delivery, and management principles to ensure a focus on an inclusive play environment.

We took steps to base all the recommendations on good evidence through community engagement. Our experts conducted comprehensive research, including extensive consultation, engagement, detailed audits of play areas, and accessibility assessments to understand the local needs. The results helped the final policy to have ‘buy-in’ and support from a wide range of stakeholders.

LUC is pleased to be part of the ambitious new approach that ensures the community benefits from play-related investments. The adopted policy builds on LUC's substantial portfolio of open space and play strategies and studies conducted nationwide.

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