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Herefordshire Natural Environment Evidence Project

Unifying landscape evidence online for sustainable development

Supporting the Local Plan

LUC provided a comprehensive natural environment evidence base to inform the Herefordshire County Council Local Plan review.

Integrated digital outputs included a Green and Blue Infrastructure Strategy, Landscape Character Assessment, Open Space Assessment and an Analysis of Habitats and Species across the county.

a bridge over water with trees and grass
River Wye at Bredwardine
a landscape with trees and hills
Small-scale field pattern with long views across valleys

Providing a holistic, visually appealing evidence base

A user-friendly digital platform is a key output of the project and makes it easier for a wide range of stakeholders to use, including planners, developers, and the general public.

Providing web-based outputs allowed LUC to take a holistic approach, integrating the constituent reports and datasets, and allowing users to easily explore a wide range of information in one place.

Green and Blue Infrastructure (GBI) Strategy

Central to the project, the GBI Strategy takes a unified approach to green and blue infrastructure across Herefordshire.

The strategy is a dynamic mechanism for securing GBI enhancements and connecting green and blue spaces.

a field with bales of hay
Open arable fields with wooded horizons
a landscape with hills and trees
Panoramic views from British Camp Hill Fort

Landscape Character Assessment

The Landscape Character Assessment identifies and assesses the key characteristics of diverse landscapes within Herefordshire that contribute to its identity and provides guidelines on their conservation and enhancement.

The interactive maps and detailed profiles offer an accessible way for users to understand the landscape and its inherent qualities.

Open Space Assessment

The Open Space Assessment provides a robust evidence base for public open spaces across Herefordshire.

The assessment focuses on the distribution of open space in Herefordshire, analysing their quantity, accessibility, quality, and value.

a field of yellow flowers
Open fields enclosed by steep-sided woodland
a tree in a field
Berrington estate parkland

Habitat and Species Analysis

The project provides a comprehensive analysis of habitats and species across Herefordshire.

The mapping of designated sites, habitat networks, and biodiversity information provides a foundation for the Local Nature Recovery Strategy.

Accessibility for all

LUC prioritises inclusivity by ensuring the website and its resources are fully accessible for all users, regardless of ability.

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"It was a pleasure working with knowledgeable and consummate professionals. The final result has been widely acclaimed and endorsed both internally and externally. LUC embraced our brief and thinking around an innovative 'holistic' approach and delivered the goods. An exceptional team and we look forward to working with them again in the future."

James Bisset
Herefordshire Council

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