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Kenilworth Urban Design Guide

Helping to ensure that new housing responds to place and is sustainable

About the project

Warwick District Council commissioned LUC to provide urban design advice for strategic housing allocations, employment land and education provision for an urban extension to the east of Kenilworth.

The development site will provide 1,200 new homes, a six-hectare employment site, two new schools and a new community centre, as well as significant areas of new green infrastructure.

We initially undertook an urban analysis of Kenilworth with a view to informing how the new extension will ‘knit into’ the fabric of the existing town and become an integral part of the whole. We assessed different street typologies within Kenilworth, identifying intrinsic qualities and characteristics in order to establish key design principles. We then produced a series of site-level plans with accompanying commentary relating to constraints and opportunities, movement and connectivity, green space strategy, building blocks and street pattern, street hierarchy and residential density.

The resulting report provides evidence-based design principles that will guide future development. It will help developers and the local authority ensure that new housing responds to place, reflects local identity and creates an environment where walking and cycling are part of people’s daily routines.

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