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Bude Town Centre Investment Plan

A community-led vision for a real “town by the sea”
Cornwall, England
Bude Town Centre Investment Plan

Transforming Bude's future

Bude-Stratton Town Council commissioned LUC to prepare a Town Centre Vision and Investment Plan for the Bude Town Centre Vitality Project.

LUC gathered insights from stakeholders and the community to identify both successful aspects and areas for improvement within the town.

Bude Town Centre Axion Plan

Creating a sustainable and dynamic hub

The project aimed to ensure that Bude town centre can evolve to meet changing patterns of use. In today's rapidly advancing digital landscape, this meant balancing the preservation of tradition with modern adjustments, including:

  • offering the community and its visitors a welcoming, accessible, diverse and vibrant experience
  • animating the town centre by making better use of buildings and spaces for year-round activity

Bude's location on the landscape's edge required the Vision and Investment plan to prioritise climate resilience, aiming to create a healthier, greener town.

Fostering an inclusive town centre

LUC succeeded in ensuring the involvement of residents and the business community from the outset.

We achieved this by developing a comprehensive stakeholder and community consultation strategy that continued throughout the project.

The team focussed on overlooked groups such as teenagers and older residents. These groups are often passionate about Bude, but are frequently forced to leave to find economic opportunity elsewhere.

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Key priorities to transform vision into action

To realise the community-led vision, we focussed on;

  • improving the arrival experience in the town;
  • promoting and encouraging active travel;
  • improving access to green open spaces and the coastline;
  • diversifying the local economy;
  • improving wider accessibility and connectivity;
  • creating opportunities for younger people; and
  • enhancing place and the local identity.

Shaping a dynamic community hub

Achieving Bude’s vision will be a result of the sum of many projects, big and small.

Through a series of defined Investment Programmes, the revitalised future town centre will provide an inclusive and distinctive experience for residents and visitors alike.

This approach supports the ongoing growth of local businesses, particularly in the fast-growing tech and creative sectors.

Bude aims to evolve into a resilient, adaptable coastal community with streets and spaces that provide a forum for working, eating, and drinking.

This will allow Bude to serve as a gateway to the wild coast of North Cornwall.

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