What we offer

  • BS5837 Arboricultural Impact Assessments and Arboricultural Method Statements
  • Woodland Management and Creation Plans
  • Supervised Clerk of Works
  • Tree Officer roles – Local Authorities
  • Health and Safety surveys
  • Trees as monetary assets
  • Carbon Storage calculations
  • Management of veteran, ancient, heritage trees and woodlands

The service explained

Trees are a vital part of our ecosystems, providing valuable habitats, clean air, carbon storage, shade, and health benefits. Most land development projects include tree or woodland considerations, so it’s important we deploy our expertise and passion to keep our precious tree and woodland stock healthy and safe for future generations.

Trees next to a river

We have a team of experienced arboriculturists who work across the UK. We guide our clients when dealing with all tree-related issues on a wide range of projects, from small-scale to large, complex developments. Our range of expertise means you can access support for all your arboriculture needs in one place.

BS5837 Arboricultural Impact Assessments and Arboricultural Method Statements

Arboricultural Impact Assessments (AIA) provide details of tree stock on a development site and review the impact the development may have on them. They identify what trees will need to be removed and how retained trees will be protected.  The assessments also advise on specialised methods to allow construction works near trees.

Arboricultural Method Statements (AMS) provide specific details about the methods recommended to protect trees. Much of this requires on-site supervision or Clerk of Works, where our consultants oversee, discuss options, and advise the best course of action.

Health and Safety surveys

If you have trees on your land, you have a duty of care to have them inspected regularly. This means taking steps to identify and manage any potential risks posed by your trees. We offer tree health and safety surveys to assess the health and condition of your tree stock and provide recommendations to help mitigate potential hazards.

Management of veteran, ancient, heritage trees and woodlands

Not only are ancient trees important to our ecosystems, but they are also vital aspects of our heritage. They need to be looked after and managed in different ways to ensure their protection. We can offer advice and detailed specifications for the management of these trees to help keep them as important features of our landscape.

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