Climate & carbon

What we offer

  • Climate change studies
  • Climate impacts framework
  • Renewable & low carbon studies
  • Greenhouse gas assessment
  • Carbon sequestration & storage

The service explained

It is fundamental to our values that we use our expertise to tackle the climate emergency. We provide climate adaptation, climate mitigation and low carbon studies for a variety of clients, including local, devolved and national government.

Climate change studies

We work with local authorities to help ensure their policies support the transition to net zero and to identify opportunities to increase carbon sequestration across the public estate. Our applied research supports decarbonisation across different aspects of the economy.  We also help identify current and future climate risks and develop strategies to adapt and make people and places more resilient.

Renewable & low carbon studies

Our support to local authorities informs and shapes their plans for net zero. This includes renewables assessments to map the potential for wind and solar developments across the relevant area.

Carbon sequestration & storage

We write reports to assess and improve the carbon sequestration of open spaces. Our team maps habitat areas and calculates their existing carbon sequestration and storage capacity. This informs our proposed methods for increasing sequestration while protecting the ecological, amenity, heritage and landscape value of open spaces.

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