Impact Assessment

What we offer

  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
  • Ecological Impact Assessment (EcIA)
  • Heritage Impact Assessment (HIA)
  • Equalities Impact Assessment (EqIA)
  • Landscape & Visual Impact Assessment (LVIA)
  • Seascape, Landscape & Visual Impact Assessment (SLVIA)
  • Townscape & Visual Impact Assessment (TVIA)
  • Transport Impact Assessment (TIA)

The service explained

We have extensive track record in assessing the impact of future development, whether rural or urban. Our multidisciplinary team includes experts that established some of the UK’s original assessment methodologies, and continues to take a pragmatic yet innovative approach.

Environmental Impact Assessment

We are specialists in undertaking Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), predicting and depicting change and seeking innovative solutions for our clients which deliver consent and protect the environment. Our diverse EIA work includes energy, mixed use and housing, transport, water and forestry projects, supported by our in-house GIS and visualisation team.

Buildings in landscape
Building in shoreditch

Landscape/Townscape & Visual Impact Assessment

We carry out robust and defensible landscape and visual impact assessments, working alongside the development of design proposals. We assess the likely effects of change on townscape character and visual amenity to support decision-makers on new developments.

Person using tripod taking photo of pylon
Wind farm

Heritage Impact Assessment

We assess the impact of strategic policies, development options or local plan allocations on the historic environment, encompassing all types of designated and non-designated heritage assets. This can include using various spatial analysis techniques in collaboration with our GIS specialists. Our work assists local authorities with decision-making and policy formulation, establishing key issues and identifying preferred sites.

Church and trees
Sheep and castle

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