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What we offer

  • Carbon reduction
  • Climate adaptation
  • Green infrastructure & green belts
  • Natural capital & nature recovery
  • Landscape policy & research
  • Infrastructure planning
  • Heritage designation, policy & guidance
  • Applied research

The service explained

Our expertise across environmental disciplines is valued by national and devolved government, government bodies and non-governmental organisations. Our research informs policy nationwide, and we are often called to deliver in-house training and guidance to enhance its implementation.

Carbon reduction

We play an increasingly important role in helping to ensure that development plans contribute to the drive to net zero. Our projects have developed the evidence base for local plans, covering topics including renewable energy potential, the energy performance of new buildings, opportunities to create 20-minute neighbourhoods and support sustainable travel.


Climate adaptation

We have experience in supporting local planning authorities up and down the country on both climate change adaptation and mitigation issues.

Sun and sky
Young woman and architect on construction site

Natural capital & nature recovery

We specialise in strengthening natural capital and ecosystem services via a place-based approach. We bring decades of experience at the forefront of landscape planning to natural capital and ecosystem services assessments.

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