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  • Rural policy & research
  • Agri-environment strategies

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We provide support on a range of projects that benefit people, nature and the rural economy. Our research and implementation advice is used by government departments, local authorities, farmers, non-governmental organisations and large landowners and estates.

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Rural policy & research

We help governments make sure that policy objectives on climate change, net zero and nature recovery can be implemented easily by rural land managers and identify any gaps that need to be filled to enable policy delivery. We research drivers and barriers and ask what landowners think about opportunities that deliver environmental outcomes. We investigate whether the opportunities are practically possible on different types of land holding.

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Agri-environment strategies

Our team evaluates current agri-environment schemes to provide vital evidence for future environmental land management payments. Our experienced surveyors and analysts assess scheme outcomes such as biodiversity, landscape and heritage. We also work with large landowners to help them develop sustainable businesses, creating a lasting legacy for future generations.

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