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Jedburgh Streetscape Feasibility Study

Rethinking traffic management in a historic, thriving town
Scottish Borders, Scotland
Jedburgh Tourism Alliance

Transforming a town centre

The Jedburgh Tourism Alliance (JTA) commissioned LUC to conduct a high-level traffic management appraisal and explore design options for Jedburgh Town Centre.

The project aimed to improve the pedestrian experience, enhance the town’s historic character, and create a more vibrant and welcoming space.

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Putting people first

The proposed design prioritises pedestrians and cyclists, creating a more attractive and accessible town centre environment. 

This will contribute to the overall well-being of the community and encourage economic activity by attracting more visitors.

Traffic management appraisal

LUC’s transport planners assessed the viability of various traffic management systems to reduce vehicle dominance and create a pedestrian-focused environment. 

The appraisal considered the impact on access for essential vehicles, emergency services, and deliveries.

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Spatial design

LUC’s landscape architects developed a spatial design informed by the preferred traffic management option. 

The design incorporates wider footways, natural stone gateways, informal pedestrian crossings, and improved street furniture to enhance the historic character and create a more welcoming atmosphere.

Community engagement

The project included recommendations for ongoing community consultation to ensure the final design reflects the needs and aspirations of local residents and businesses.

The Jedburgh Tourism Alliance will use the feasibility study to secure funding and engage with the community and stakeholders to progress the proposals.

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